BONN Call for Action

In 2012 the International Atomic Energy Agency and WHO cosponsored an International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine to identify and address issues arising in radiation protection in Medicine.   More than 77 countries and 16 organization participated in this international conference, the ISRRT was one of these organizations, an important outcome of the conference was the identification of responsibilities and a proposal for priorities for stakeholders regarding radiation protection in medicine for the next decade. The aims of the Bonn Call-for-Action are to a) strengthen the radiation protection of patients and health workers overall; b) attain the highest benefit with the least possible risk to all patients by the safe and appropriate use of ionizing radiation in medicine; c) aid the full integration of radiation protection into health care systems; d) help improve the benefit/risk-dialogue with patients and the public; and e) enhance the safety and quality of radiological procedures in medicine. This specific outcome is the Bonn Call-for-Action was 10 principle Actions to Improve Radiation Protection in Medicine in the Next Decade. Each of these actions are further subdivided into several sub-actions

As the global voice for Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists around the world the ISRRT shares responsibility for strengthening radiation protection of patients, health care professionals and the general public. As a global stakeholder the ISRRT shares this responsibility with other international nongovernmental agencies, international regulatory agencies and international professional societies.

 The ISRRT believes our organization has a responsibility for advocating and implementing solutions to strengthen radiation protection in medical use globally.

The ISRRT has responded to this Call for action in a global promotion for Quality and Safety in the use of Radiation in Medicine threw the ISRRT Response to the Bonn Call for Action and also by incorporating The Bonn Call for Action into the ISRRT’s strategic plan.