Council Members

Toumi    Mourad


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Algeria Council Member

Toumi    Mourad


Bronwyn Hilder


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Doctor of Health 2022
Masters of Applied Management (Health), University of Newcastle, 2012
Masters of Health Science, (Medical Radiation Sciences), University of Sydney, 2009
Graduate Certificate in Health Management, (Queensland Health), Queensland University of Technology, 2007
Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Radiation Therapy), Queensland University of Technology, 2002
Diploma of Applied Science (Therapeutic Radiography) with Distinction, Queensland University of Technology, 1988 
Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland, 1987

Diploma, Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (Radiation Therapy), 2003. 
Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Radiography 2010. 


Hilder, B, Van Dam, P and Doherty, K, Advanced practice radiation therapists: an Australian context, Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences 2018 Vol. 65 Issue 2 Pages 137-147, 
Hilder, B, Van Dam P and Doherty, K, Investigating opinions of, and perceptions to, advanced practice radiation therapist roles, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, 2021, Vol 52, Issue 2 Pages 198-206, 

Smith, LJ, Kearvell R, Arnold AJ, Choma K, Cooper A, Young M, Matthews D, Hilder B, Howson D, Fox K, Churcher K, Radiation therapy staffing model 2014 Journal of Medical Radiation Science, 63(4): 206-209 
Hilder, B 2010 Comparison of fiducial and bony anatomy match with introduction of implanted gold seed markers in the prostate gland, The Radiographer, 57 (2): 21-25
Wright C., Hilder B and Schneider-Kolsky M, 2009. Meeting the research agenda in Australian radiation therapy: the current picture, Journal of Radiotherapy in practice, 8(2): 67-77


Hilder, B, Identifying Opportunities for Advanced Practice RT Roles in Tasmania, August 22 2021, Hobart, ASMIRT Tasmania Winter Education Weekend
Hilder, B, Van Dam, P and Doherty, K, Mind the Gap: identifying opportunities for service improvement, December 7, Singapore, ESTRO meets Asia 2019
 Hilder, B, Van Dam, P and Doherty, K, Towards a model for regional Advanced Practice Radiation Therapist roles, October 20, Toronto, Canada, 2018, LTWRAP Leading the Way in Radiography Advanced Practice 
Hilder, B, Strange Beasts – AP RT, August 12 2017, Cradle Mountain, ASMIRT Tasmania Winter Education Weekend 
Hilder, B, The RT Profession – where to now? July 25, Wellington New Zealand, 2015, The Cloud – NZIMRT/AIR Scientific Meeting. 
Hilder B, Pham D, Chesson B, Oates R, Hardcastle N, Kron T, Siva S, Foroudi F, Ball D, Bressel M & Montgomery R, Training for Technically Advanced Radiation Oncology Trials: Development of eLearning for SAFRON II, Combined Scientific Meeting, Melbourne 2014
Hilder B, Dixon J, Frantzis J, Grand M, Rolfo A & Kron T, The RT in the ANROTAT project, Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists Annual General Conference, St Johns, Newfoundland May 2013
Hilder B, TRW – who, what and why, TROG Technical Research Workshop, Wellington 2013
Hilder B, Radiation Therapists in Clinical Trials, TROG Technical Research Workshop, Darwin 2012
Hilder B,  Clinical trials – who, what, why, when and how, AIR Tas Branch winter weekend, Port Sorell 2010
Hilder B The Role of the PAEB, Australasian Educators in Medical Radiation Sciences conference, Brisbane, July 2009
Hilder B, The AIR and Research, AIR Research Symposium, Sydney February 2009
Hilder B, Medical Radiations – an overview, Professions Australia Workshop July 2008
Hilder B Do you see what I see? Queensland Radiation Therapy Weekend, Mooloolaba, 2007
Hilder B, Medical Radiation Sciences Course Accreditation, Australasian Association of Educators in Medical Radiation Science Conference, Newcastle July 2007
Hilder B, Two for the price of one, 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, 2007
Hilder B, Propping up the Mater 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, 2007
Hilder B & Davidson K, Incidental findings on Planning CT, 3trd Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, 2006
Hilder B, Virtual Simulation – a 3D Reality, Queensland Radiation Therapy Weekend, Townsville 2001
Hilder B, It’s a Question of Volume, Queensland Radiation Therapy Weekend, Townsville 1998, 

Varian Award, 2015

Owen R, Hilder B & Deegan T, Australian Institute of Radiography Research Scholarship 2012- $5000
Hilder B, Department of Health and Aging, Clinical Research Methods in Radiation Oncology Travel Scholarship 2010 - $1000
Hilder B, Varian Australia, Travel Scholarship for RTs and Physicists 2009, attendance and presentation at the TROG Annual Scientific Meeting - $2500
Hilder B & Skala M, Tasmanian Cancer Council, Small Grants award, Investigation into the use of prostate fiducial marker imaging, 2008 - $3300
Hilder B, Mater Radiation Oncology, Robert G Bourne Travelling Grant for Research into Radiation Oncology, Proposal to investigate the role of the Radiation Therapist Advanced Practitioner in Palliative Radiotherapy, 2006 $10 000

Invited reviewer, Research for The Radiation Therapist: From Question to Culture, Editors Gillan C, DiProspero, L, Harnett, N and Holden, L , 2014 Apple Academic Press
December 2012 –2015:  Member SAFRON II Clinical Trial Online Learning Tool group, SAFRON II is a phase 2 randomised clinical trial of Stereotactic Ablative Fractionated Radiotherapy vs Radiosurgery for Oligometastatic Neoplasia to the Lung.  
March 2013 – 2014:  AIR Board liaison to the ANZRRN Steering Committee. Website launched at the Combined Scientific Meeting 2014
2010 – 2012: Member of the Assessment of New Radiation Oncology Technologies And Treatments (ANROTAT) Image Guided Radiation Therapy Expert Group, Study funded by the Department of Health and Aging for the design of a generic research framework for evaluation purposes to assess and gather information regarding the clinical efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of new technologies and treatments. 
March 2011 – March 2013:  Radiation Therapy discipline member of the TROG Scientific Committee. 

Fellow of the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT)
Affiliate member of the Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG)
Registered as a Radiation Therapist with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia

President of ASMIRT March 2018 – May 2022
Member of the Board of Directors of the Australian Institute of Radiography/ASMIRT, March 2013 – present
Chair, Tasmanian Branch of the November AIR, 2010 - 2013
Member of the Radiation Therapy Advisory Panel of the AIR, November 2010 – 2012
Member of the Radiation Advisory Council (Tas) 2008 - 2021
Member of the Professional Accreditation and Education Board of the AIR, February 2005 – December 2010
Chair of the Professional Accreditation and Education Board of the AIR, 2007 – 2010
Member of the organizing committee of the Technical Research Workshop at the TROG ASM, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013
Member of the Competency Based Assessment Steering Committee of the Australian Institute of Radiography, June 2005 – 2006



Sabine Weisensteiner


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Sheila Legall


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Sheila Legall
93 Cane Garden                                                                       Imaging &Ultrasound Inc
St Thomas                                                                                      #6 3rd Ave Belleville
Barbados                                                                                        St Michael, Barbados
Tel: 246-2587969                                                                              246-4262750

2014 - Health Systems Administration- Rochester Institute Technology- MS

2012 - Health Care Administration and Management - Barbados Institute of  Management and Productivity- Certificate

2011 - Training Dyslexic Pupil Certificate - Caribbean Dyslexic Center,Barbados  
2010 - Contrast Injection for Radiographers Certificate - The Michener Institute

2009 - Interior Decoration Certificate - Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, Barbados 
2007 - Teaching Reading Certificate - Erdiston Teachers Training College, Barbados

2005 - Small Business Management Certificate - Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Barbados

2001 - Counseling Certificate - Erdiston Teachers Training College, Barbados
1998 - Radiography; University of Technology, Jamaica, BSc

1995 - Business Management Administration Diploma, Cambridge Tutorial  College, London,    

1992 - Conversational French Certificate - Barbados Community College,

1990 - Radiography Diploma - School Medical Radiation Technology, Jamaica


2000 - Present - Staff Technologist, Imaging & Ultrasound Inc, Barbados 
1986 - 2000 - Student/Staff Technologist Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados (Internship Howard University, Washington, Guys Hospital, London, Cornwall Regional Hospital, Jamaica)

1986 - 1985 - Teacher, Ministry of Education, Barbados


1993 - present - Member American Registry Radiologic Technologist

1991 - Founding member Barbados Association Radiographers 
1992/93 - Treasurer Barbados Association Radiographers (BAR)

1994/5 - Secretary BAR

1999 - Secretary BAR

2001/2 - Public Relations Officer BAR

2005/6 - Vice president BAR

2009/10 - President BAR

2011 - Vice President BAR


1988  - Best All Round Student SMRT

2010  - Top Student


2008-2010 - Treasurer Dunscombe Moravian Church

2004  - Founder Dunscombe Moravian Church Action House  (Dance/Drama Group) - Interior Designer/Floral Arranger 

2007  - Founder DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Community Remedial  Reading Programme           


Shah Alam Khan Parvez


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President of BARIT


Medical Technologist, Department of Radiology and Imaging, Dhaka Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka. Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Diploma in Medical Technology (Radiology) From State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh-1992

Trained: Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Division (NSRCD), Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC).

Studied :

1. Mohojampur High School, Sonargaon, Narayanganj.

2. Government Sheheed Sahawardi College & University, Dhaka.

  • He has worked as Radiological Technologist since- 1992.
  • Active Participation of local and national seminars and conference
  • Life member: Bangladesh Association of Radiology and Imaging Technologists (BARIT)

Lives in Dhaka Bangladesh


Arnauld Tempels


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6, rue des Mésanges
6534 Gozée (Thuin)
0499/81 46 89


    • 2009-2017
        ◦ Medical imaging technologist - CHR NAMUR
            ▪ CT, Conventional Radiology, Nights, Magnetic Resonance                    Imaging
              (still active)
    • 2010-2013
        ◦ Master of Practical Training - HELHA Gilly
            ▪ Conventional Radiology, CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
            ▪ Student supervision and internship evaluation
    • 2011-2014
        ◦ IRM Commissioner - MRTB
            ▪ Referent for Magnetic Resonance

    • 2012- April 2014
        ◦ President of the Association of Former Students TIM of Helha Gilly

    • April 2014 to the present day
        ◦ President of APIM (association - Association of Medical Imaging


    • 2000-2006
        ◦ Higher Secondary School Diploma (CESS) - GPH Gosselies

    • 2006-2009
        ◦ Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technologist - Helha Gilly

    • Visa holder and medical imaging technologist licensee


• French - read, speak and write (mother language)
• Dutch - read, speak and write
• English - basic and medical notions


• Data processing
• Sport (tennis, football, basketball)
• Stays, City-trip

Paco Lekopane


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Gender:    Male, 43Yrs
Date of Birth: 22nd September 1974
Nationality: Motswana
Current Location (Resident): Botswana
Current position: Chief Radiographer 
Oganisation: Ministry of Health, Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital
Marital Status:    Married

As an aspiring and ambitious Radiology Manager , I am responsible for managing daily operations and business of the respective areas of responsibility to assure smooth and efficient work flow. With an ability to handle and address stressful situations with anxious patients, employees, and customers. Utilising the hospital performance improvement process in achieving set goal. Establishing and maintaining ethical working relationships and good rapport with all referring clinicians, hospital, and external agencies. Meeting with customers, partners and team members to assure service levels are maintained. As well as actively participating in outstanding customer service and accepts responsibility in maintaining relationships that are equally respectful to all.

1991-1993:Seepapitso senior Secondary School-Cambridge Overseas school Certificate(COSC).
1998-2000:The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia: BApplSci(Medical Radiation Sciences)-Diagnostic Radiography.

Knowledge of Standard Operating policies/procedures/protocols in general Radiography, CT,MRI, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy, Mammography.
Ability to learn and master new tasks.
Effective verbal and written communications, and working effectively with people of various diverse backgrounds.
Demonstrating the knowledge and skills for age-specific factors necessary to perform safe and effective procedures on patients of adult and geriatric ages. This  knowledge and skills are acquired through formal training in an approved institutions, inservice, continuing education, and/or experience. Learns/adapts to new technologies and protocols and helps develop the knowledge and competency of coworkers.
Ability to meet departmental goals and objectives, policies, procedures, budgets and long term plan relating to specific area of responsibility.
Ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks in a timely manner even under stressful conditions.
Posses Basic Life Support CPR.

Competent skills on Microsoft Office and McIntosh/Apple applications.
Database applications such as UN Lotus Notes.
Understanding of network environments ADSL,LAN ,DICOM,Wi-Fi,etc.
Understanding of technical specifications of medical imaging equipments.
Competent in various imaging models in CT,MRI,xray and ultrasound machines.
Knowledge of PACS and associated equipment, Radiology Information Systems(RIS) and Intergrated Patient Management System(IPMS) modules.
Work experience in Siemens,Toshina and GE software applications.

Quality decision making.
Innovative Management.
Managing Diversity.
Building Effective Teams.
Written Communications.
Results Orientated and passion for customer focus.
Organising effectively and process management.
Business acumen9990    .

Supervised and coordinated radiation safety program for Mahalapye Hospital Radiology department to be licensed by Radiation regulatory body in  2011.
Supervised and Coordinated Mahalapye Radiology Department accreditation activities to be Accredited by an international Accrediting Body for quality in 2016.
Coordinated the 1st Government Hospital (Mahalapye Hospital)  to attain certificate of Fire compliance issued by local fire authority in 2012.

Recent Re-appoitment Member of National Standards developing Committee(2012-2017.
Member of Mahalapye District Health Management Team(DHMT)-2012-2016.
Member of Mahalapye Hospital Management team-2012-2016.
District Performance Improvement Coordinator(2010-present).
Hospital Health and Safety/Risk management Coordinator(2009-2016.
Executive Member of Medical Surgical Instruments  committee(MSIEC)(2013-2016.
Executive Member of Accreditation Steering  Committee(2013-2016.
Member of Quality Improvement Committee(2009-2016.
Executive member of MoH Anual Achievement Awards Committee(2013-2016).
Member of Radiation Inspectorate National Project on strengthening radiation protection(2011-present.
Appointed to attend meetings of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) on radiation protection in Ghana(2011) and Namibia(2013).

1.    2001-2002: Illawara Area health Services(IAHS),Shoalhaven Hospital,NSW,Australia
Post: Graduate Radiographer

2.    2002-2003: Ministry Of Health,Princess Marina Hospital,Gaborone,Botswana
Post: Radiographer II

3.    2003-2005: Imed-Medical Imaging Australia (MIA),Darwin,NT,Australia
Post: CT/MRI Radiographer

4.    2005-2006:United Nations Development program-UNDP(UNAMA),Kabul,Afghanistan
Post: Senior Radiology Technician(Radiographer)

5.    2006-2016:Ministry of health,PMH,Mahalapye D. Hospital,Botswana
Post: Principal Rad II and promoted to Principal Radiographer I(2015-2016)

6. November 2016-present:   Nyangagbwe Referal Hospital,Botswana
Post: Chief Radiographer (recent promotion)

Demonstrating through acceptable behavior, Ministry of Health’s core values of Integrity, Timeliness,Compassion, Balance, Excellence, Stewardship, and Teamwork as outlined in the organization’s Performance Excellence Program.

Leader Expectations
Assisting Hospital Manager  in meeting department budgetary goals and KPIs. And in creating budget plans for respective areas of responsibility within radiology department.  Effectively supervises and oversees the training,induction and orientation of new employees. 

Image Quality
Overseing image quality, working with the modality Quality Assurance staff to ensure the technical staff are following the established image quality criteria, utilizing proper positioning and adhering to appropriate technical exposure factors at all times. Counseling  individuals when necessary to ensure quality images. Communicates clinical information to staff as requested by the Radiologists and the Referring Physicians. 

Performance Improvement
Supporting and assisting with data collection for KPIs within the DHMT while understanding the department performance trends and established standards in line with APPs and ministry strategy plans. Contributing and encouraging others to contribute toward process improvement by serving on PI teams as assigned. Participates in department and patient satisfaction initiatives. Utilizes patient service recovery resources when appropriate. 

Meetings Attendence
Meets regularly with chief medical officer and Hospital Superitandent to keep them informed of business in respective areas of responsibilities. Actively participates on assigned Hospital Committes/team(s) and shares information with staff. Attends meetings as requested and compiling reports on monthly,quartely and annual basis.

Safety and Environment of care
Assures equipment is in good working condition and contacts appropriate personnel when repairs need to be made. Ensures the safety of patients and employees. Adheres to all infection control standards. Appropriately utilizes personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect from exposure to chemical, radiation and/or biohazard. Properly wears Dosimeter badge and seeks to minimize radiation exposure. Job duties may include transport of hazardous waste from the point of generation to a designated secure storage area. Employee will be required to complete initial training (prior to handling hazardous waste) and refresher training to include proper handling and transport of hazardous waste, and proper selection, use and disposal of personal protective equipment. 
Formulating Hospital plans such as Risk Management, Security Management, Fire Safety, Internal /External Disaster Management as well as Health Care Waste management Plan in line with current Government legislations, policies and procedures.
Ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Public Health Legislation and regulations through periodic inspections, safety audit reports.
Education of Staff, Visitors, Clients on Safety, Health and Environment issues .
Ensuring implementation of policies, regulations, standards and guidelines    relating to Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety in a health facility setting.
Monitoring of all aspects of the Occupational health and safety Programme by providing valuable data to management and make recommendations to further reduce risks within the organisation.
Periodic review and revision of the SHE  programme, recommending improvements and further reduce risks in the Hospital.

Clinical Competency
Demonstrating the knowledge and skills for age-specific factors necessary to perform safe and effective procedures on patients of adult and geriatric ages. This  knowledge and skills are acquired through formal training in an approved institutions, inservice, continuing education, and/or experience. Learns/adapts to new technologies and protocols and helps develop the knowledge and competency of coworkers and students.

Personal productivity and accountability
 Setting  priorities and completes work within expected time frame. Aggressively manages the daily operations of the assigned areas of responsibilities by mediating problems relative to scheduling, morale and other personnel issues. Assumes responsibility for patient flow, image quality, staff competency and all other matters pertaining to patient care. Ensures staff rotates to maintain proficiency in all areas. Performs staff Performance Reviews quartely and annually. 

Data Processing
Utilizes computer system to maintain employee Time and Attendance records, research patient exams, and ensures proper charges and modifiers are included to recover appropriate revenue. 
Performs other duties as assigned or directed to ensure the smooth operation of the department.

NOSA accredited certificate of introduction to SAMTRAC, Applying Safety Principles(ASHAP).
BOBS OHSAS-occupational Health and safety standards.
Risk Management certificate.
Public Relations certificate.
Interviewing Skills certificate.
Kodak care-stream certificate of competency.
BHPC registered and practicing License.
Australian Institute of Radiography(AIR) registered.
AIR statement of Accreditation.
NSW,NT (Australian states) registered.
UK HPC registered.
HPCSA registered.

1. Dr. K.S Bose, Mahalapye D Hospital Superitandent,PO BOX 49 Mahalapye, Tel +2674718007,+26771392246,
2. Mr. Lefhenyo Tshukudu, PracticeManager/Director, Spectrum Imaging, PO BOX 1160,Palapye,Tel +2674923386,+26772478656,
3. Dr T Machacha,Hospital Superitandent Sekgoma Hospital,,+ 267 74014187,+267 72855962
4. Mr. Boaz M Tladi, Radiation Protection Inspectorate  officer, P/Bag BO1,Gaborone. Tel +2673188388,+26773252850,


Gagova Petranca


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Surname, Given Name    : Gagova Petranca, Mrs.
Address : Sofia 1408, Bulgaria
Mobile number : 359 888 539 856
E-mail :

Year of Birth : 1972
Nationality    : Bulgarian
Current occupation        
Medical College to the Medical University Sofia
DMSc, Chief Assistant Professor, Head of 'X-Ray Technician' Speciality 
Professional / Educational Record        
Medical University Sofia, Faculty of Public Health 
Doctor of the Medical Sciences "Social medicine and organization of the health care and pharmaceutics"

Medical University Sofia, Faculty of Public Health 
Specialty Medical Pedagogy 

Medical University Sofia, Faculty of Public Health
Master Degree in ''Public health and healthcare management"

Sofia University ''St.Kiment Ohridski'', Faculty of Pedagogy
Master Degree in ''Education Management''

Medical University Sofia, Faculty of Public Health
Bachelor in ''Healthcare management and practice instructor in medical colleges''

Medical College to the Medical University Sofia 
Spaciality "X-Ray Technician"
Special award for contribution to the development of the X-Ray Technician education and the profession in Bulgaria – Bulgarian Association of the healthcare professionals, 2017         
Certificate for long term contributions to the healthcare activities in Bulgaria – VMA - Sofia, 2017
BAR - Bulgarian Association of radiology
BALODT - Bulgarian Association of the radiographers in image diagnostics and therapy
ESR - European society of radiology
Professional Interests        
Medical pedagogy, Image diagnostics, Radiation protection, Social medicine

KOLOGO Koudbi Aggée

Burgina Faso

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Ouagadougou, le 29 JANV. 2020
KOLOGO Koudbi Aggée                                                           
04 BP 427 Ouaga 04
Tel : 00 226 70 23 23 03
Mail :


Technicien Supérieur en Electroradiologie Médicale en service au Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yalgado Ouedraogo et Hôpital Protestant SCHIPHRA, ouagadougou; consultant formation en techniques scannographiques  ; Gestionnaire de Projets de Développement.

2014-2016 : Master 2 en Gestion de projets de Développement, IST-CIESA Canada
2014 : Formation à l’utilisation scanner multibarrettes (General Electric, 64 barrettes) Hôpital Louis MOURIER de Colombe, Paris Nord, France
2012 : Formation utilisation scanner multibarettes( General Electric 8 barettes), hôpital de Falaise (Caen), France
2006  Formation à l’utilisation de scanner multibarrettes (General Electric 4 barrette),Clinique Taoufik, en Tunisie
1992-1995  Etudes de Techniques Supérieures en Electoradiologie medicale ,                   École Nationale de Santé Publique
1990-1992 Chimie Biologie-Biologie Géologie      

Université de Ouagadougou
1987- 1991 Baccalauréat scientifique, série D

Lycée Provincial de Koudougou
1983- 1987 Brevet d’Etude du Premier Cycle

Lycée Provincial de Léo
1977- 1983 Certificat d’Etudes Primaire  Ecole Primaire Léo 2

2009- 2016 Tecnicien Supérieur d’Imagerie Médicale CHU yalgado Ouedraogo,

Maitrise de l’utilisation des scanner s multibarettes(1, 4,8,16,64)General Electric 
Français : TEF  C2 (Avancée)
Informatique : Pack Office (Word, Excel), Internet, création site internet

Voyages : Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Tunisie, Maroc, France, Suisse


Congo -Democratic Republic of

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Por Sopheak


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Name      :  POR SOPHEAK                                    
Address  :  #J65, Street Betong, Sangkat Dang Kor, 
             Khan Dang Kor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.                        
Tel           :  (+855)89 796 797                       Or (+855)10 230 280                            
Email      :                            

PERSONAL DATA                                    
    Nationality    :    Cambodian                        
    Marital Status    :    Married                            
    Sex    :    Male                            
    Date of Birth    :    26-June-1988                             
    Place of Birth    :    Takeo Province                        
    2017-Present    :    3th Year of BBA at National University of Management.                            
    2006-2009    :    Diploma degree of  Radiological Technologist at Technical School for        
            Medical Care(TSMC)                        
    2003-2006    :    Certificate at Tonleap High School    
TRAINING COURSE                                    
    08/Jan/08   –  29/Feb/08    :    Calmette Hospital    
    20/May/08 – 20/June/08    :    National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control            
    02/June/08 – 13/June/08    :    Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital            
    03/Nov/08  – 03/Dec/08    :    Kantha Bopha IV Hospital            
    03/Aug/09  – 15/Aug/09    :    Internship at National Mother and Children health Care Center            
    17/Aug/09  – 29/Aug/09    :    Internship at National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control            
    01/Sep/09  –  12/Sep/09    :    Internship at Calmette Hospital            
    14/Sep/09  –  26/Sep/09    :    Internship at Phrah Kosomak Hospital            
    28/Sep/09  –  10/Oct/09    :    Internship at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital            
    12/Oct/09  –  24/Oct/09    :    Internship at Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope             
    26/Oct/09  –  07/Nov/09    :    Internship at Kantha Bopha V Hospital            
WORK EXPERIENCE                                    
    2013 – Presence     :    Work at Calmette Hospital as Radiologic Technologist.                            
    2010- Presence    :    Lecturer for Radiology Department of Technical School for Medical Care
    2010 – 2013     :    Work at Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope as a Radiologic Technologist    
    2009 – 2010    :    Work at Somphop Panya Clinic as a Radiologic Technologist            Work at Medical Care Clinic (MCC) as a Radiologic Technologist
    Khmer    :    Khmer (mother tongue)                    
    English    :    Good in both written and spoken                            
    French    :    Good                            

OTHER SKILL                                    
     -Computer     :    Certificate at of Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel 
     -French     :    Certificat of CAFÉ CRÉM 1 
     -Technical    :    Diploma of Radiological Technologist (RT)            
INTEREST    :    Sport, searching internet, Reading book                    
REFERENCE    :    Dr. TANN NGY director of Radiology Department at 
Technical School for Medical Care    
            Tel: 012 923 966    
        :    Mr. Muth Samphan Radiographer Leader at Calmette Hospital
Tel: 012 921 609    

Marcia Smoke


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Marcia Smoke is currently the Head and Manager of Radiation Therapy, the Undergraduate Education Director and the Chief of radiation Therapy Practice at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. She is the Chair of Cancer Care Ontario's Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice Group.
Marcia is a radiation therapist and has been a clinical instructor, Undergraduate \programme Manager, Quality of Work Life Research Co-ordinator and a Patient Education Director. Marcia hold a diploma in Adult Education, has Canadian Advanced Certification in Radiation Therapy and a Master of Science Degree in Radiation Therapy from Cambridge, England.
Marcia is also a Faculty Trainer for the Institute of Health Care, Communication, Canada; a qualified Auditor in Quality Assurance for Radiation Oncology with the International Atomic Enerey Agency (IAEA); and an Adjunct Professor of Radiation Therapy, University of Technology, Jamaica.
Marcia's current research interests are in advancing practice for radiation therapists. quality assurance and promoting a research environment for frontline radiation therapists.




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I was born in 1973 in YAOUNDE- CAMEROON 
I graduated in my profession as a Radiographer since 1998 at the National University of BENIN.
1998_1999: Stagier in the radiology department of the Yaounde central hospital
1999_2001: stagier in the radiology department of Clinic les Dauphins Yaounde
Since 2001:Resource Manager for the Centre Autonome de Radiologie et d'imagerie Medicale (CARIM) at YaoundeTreasurer for the Association Camerounaise du Personnel Technique d Imagerie Medicale et de Radiotherapie ( ACPTIMR ) since 2008
Council member for the ISRRT for the ACPTIMR since 2009
Foreign member for the Association  francaise du Personnel Paramedical d Electroradiologie        ID: ET 6047 (AFPPE) Since 2009 
E Mail: or

Costa Rica


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Radiographer specialized in
Biomedical Sciences.
I have experience in the clinical area, in university teaching and research in the areas of radiological sciences, radiobiology, cytogenetics and biological dosimetry.

Phone: (506)+8342-8613

Day of birth: 22-05-1988
Nationality: Costa Rican


Nguessan  Eloi KONAN

Cote d'Ivoire

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November 2015 to date:  ISRRT Council member 
May 2007 to date:             Public relations Manager of ivory-coast National Association of Engineer                                            and 
                                          Radiological Technologists (ANTIMCI)
February1996 to date:      Active member of ANTIMCI


2015 to date: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Total Quality Management
2007-2009: Medical imaging Engineer - National institute for health training (Côte d'Ivoire). 
1993: Professional training in Radiography and technology. Compiegne University of Technology / 
          University Hospital Bordeaux (France)  
1989 – 1991: Radiographer National institute for health training (Côte d'Ivoire)
1988-1989: national university of Côte d’Ivoire (study in chemistry, biology, geology)


Quality Assurance, global health,  medical imaging techniques (conventional, ct),  radiation protection, public relations and communication, computer science, medical English


2010 to date: Quality Assurance Manager of National institute for health training - Abidjan
2005 to date: Clinical Instructor in medical radiology techniques - National institute for health training 1994-2004: Senior radiographer (regional hospital of Divo – Côte d’Ivoire)
1992-1993; radiographer – University Hospital of Treichville -  Abidja


Charlotte Graungaard Falkvard


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Charlotte Graungaard Falkvard

Charlotte Graungaard Falkvard is President of the Danish Council of Radiographers, situated in Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark.
Since her election as president her interests and field of work has revolved about governing and running a political office and working politically for the radiographers and the profession. She has extensive experience in board working and holds several board positions in Denmark, which are all considered to be of immense value for the Danish community. 
She became a radiographer in 1991, and has worked as a radiographer, as a project manager and as system administrator, before being elected president in February 2007.  She has a Diploma in Management from 2008, and a Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution from 2016.
Over the last 10 years, she has been Councilmember in ISRRT, Board member of the Disciplinary Board for Patient Safety, Associated member of the Danish Nursing Council, Executive Board, Board Member of Health Cartel, Vice-president of DSA (unemployment fund for healthcare workers).

Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed Alshikh


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Name : Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed Alshikh
PRESENT STATUS : ِAlzahraa University Hospital  
Al Azhar University                                            
PLACE OF BIRTH : Cairo Egypt 14-09-1974. 
Address in Egypt: Cairo- ShubraAlkhima – Gegam – 70 Aziz Almasry St. 

Mobile :01011246744
1. M. Sc.Total Quality Management  2006 Arab Academy – Egypt
2. B. Sc.          MEDICAL SCIENCES  . 2000October 6 University- Egypt .
3. M. Sc.Diagnostic radiology . 2003Ludis University Swiss  .
4. Ph. D.Diagnostic radiology . 2010Ludis University Swiss . 


1. Member of developinghealth education council at the University ofHail2010
2. Head ofthe Strategic Planning Unit, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciencesat the University ofHail2012
3. Director ofQuality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciencesat the University ofHail2015.    
4. Head of Diagnostic Radiology Dept Faculty of Applied Medical Sciencesat the University ofHail 2014
5. Member of the Committeehealth trainingat the University ofHail 2014    
6. Internal Auditor at the University ofHail 2015.    
7. Member ofthe Faculty Councilof Applied Medical Sciencesat the University ofHail.

Working Experiences:

1. Head of diagnostic radiology Dept University of Hail 2014 until 2019.
2. Demonstrator of applied medical sciences collge October 6 University
3. Head of the Strategic Planning Unit, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at the University of Hail2012
4. Director of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at the University of Hail2015.    
5. Head of Diagnostic Radiology Dept International Academy for medical Sciences 2006
6. Member of the Committee health training at the University of Hail 2014    
7. Internal Auditor at the University of Hail 2015.


1. Radiology management RAD492
2. Sectional Anatomy RAD 316
3. Radiation  Physics   RA210
4. Radiographic pathology RAD310
5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI) RAD 480
6. Ultra Sound RAD 380

1. Saudi Society for Radiology y, 2009 – 2014- KSA.
2. Sendicate for Scientific professions- Egypt


1. Department Research Committee ( 2010 )
2. Department Research Committee, Chairman2014 
3. Student Affair Committee for the College of  applied medical SciencesScience ( 2010-2014 )

Esayas Tiruneh


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Tiina Nousiainen


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Benjamin THIRIAT


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Benjamin THIRIAT
60 bis Av. XXéme corps
(+33) 771018769


2010-2013 Bachelor of radiographer (2013), I.F.M.E.M. Nancy
2010 “Baccalauréat série scientifique” (eq. to A-level)

Work experience

July 2013- today: Radiographer - CHRU Nancy, France

Conventional radiology, CT (referent and trainer), MRI, Interventional radiology and research

Since 2016: Member of the A.F.P.P.E. (French Association of Paramedical Electro-radiology Staff)

Since 2017: Member of the scientific council of the A.F.P.P.E.

Since 2013: Speaker and moderator to different local and national French congress

Since 2015: Teacher in abdominal and vascular CT at the radiographer training institute of Nancy


2020 DIU of interventional radiology, university of Aix-Marseille


French (native langage)

English (fluent)


Benoit Billebaut


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BSc in Biology in 2005
Training as radiographer in France from 2007 to 2010
Radiographer at Uniklinikum Münster, Germany since 2010
MRI Radiographer since 2012
Teacher in Radiology since 2018 at the Uniklinikum Münster radiographer school
Co-Founder of BenNedu ( <>), a german MRI online teaching portal since 2016
Author of numerous MRI articles in Radiopraxis and MTA Dialoge


Prince Rockson


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He was born in Accra on the 8th November, 1979 and first trained as a Radiologic Technician from 1999 to 2002. He later pursued a BSc programme in Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Ghana from 2003-2006 after working for a short while as a Radiological Technician. After graduating his interest in Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy was developed and has being practising in that area till now.

He has undertaken a post graduate programme in Managerial Leadership in 2007 from the Pan African Institute for Leadership and Governance Studies

He also holds MPhil in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology (2016) with specialization in the Human Uterine Tube from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

He teaches Diagnostic Imaging to Physician Assistants at the Kintampo College of Health, General Anatomy to Diagnostic Imaging Students at University of Cape Coast all on part time basis. 

He is a Senior Radiographer and the Head of Department at Cocoa Clinic (GHANA COCOA BOARD) Kumasi in Ghana after working in the Government Sector for a while. 

He has been an active member of the Ghana Society of Radiographers serving initially in several non-executive capacities. He is the current President.

He is also the National Chairman of COCOBOD Head Office Senior Staff Association having served as a Vice Chairman before the elevation.

He is happily married to a Physiotherapist with three lovely children.



Angeliki Kolyda


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Mrs KOLYDA Angeliki is a radiological technologist in interventional cardiology department in General Hospital “Asklepieio” Voula, GREECE and council member of the Panhellenic Society of Radiological Technologists. 
Her major areas of interest are cardiac angiographies, radiation protection and patient safety. She is committed to promoting radiographer role development.

She received her secondary education in Athens, Greece. In 2010, she graduated from Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI), as radiological technologist. Five years later, she obtained her Master of Science (MSc) “Neoplasms in Human Body” in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Medicine.

Her working experience started, from 2011, as radiological technologist in the x-ray department in a large public teaching hospital for eight months. When she graduated from TEI, she had been specialized on Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET-CT). She fulfilled her dream to work on PET-CT department in a private hospital for four years, before she commenced working in her current job.

Her research experience started in 2017, as study coordinator in cardiology clinic. Furthermore, she has an additional training in basic life support, good clinical practice and safety reporting for clinical trials.

She was awarded from the National Scholarship Foundation for distinction during academic year 2007-2008 in the department of Radiology (TEI) and for the top-ten ranking in the department of Radiology.

Her last publication was in EuroPCR19 and her last oral presentation was in online ECR2020. She is a member of European Society of Radiology (ESR), European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) and Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions (ACNAP).



Ramona Chanderballi


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Skill Set
Innovative; Quick learner; Strong work ethic; Highly organized; Critical and strategic thinker; Excellent written and verbal communication; Adaptable; Strong interpersonal skills; Team player.

Professional Experience
December,2010- April,2014
X-ray Technician
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
Georgetown, Guyana

• Performed routine and trauma series plain film radiographic exams in the radiology department, ER, ICU, Cardiac ICU, MOT, HDU, Surgical and Paediatric Wards.
• Coordinated a Sign Language Workshop at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in collaboration with Guyana Deaf Mission.
• Functioned as the Radiology Department’s Quality Improvement Representation while developing the Annual Radiology Quality Improvement Work Plan 2014.

February,2014- April,2014
Chairperson- Quality Improvement Committee
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
Georgetown, Guyana

• Revised the Terms of Reference for the Quality Improvement Committee.
• Formulated the Role Description for the Chair of the Quality Improvement Committee. ▪ Implemented the use of deadlines and updates for QI projects within respective departments.

August, 2016
X-ray Technician
Quest Medical Centre,

• Perform basic x-ray examinations and ECGs.
2013- 2016
Medical Imaging Internship
Caribbean Heart Institute Georgetown, Guyana
Observe cardiac IR procedures, angiograms, echocardiograms, ECG and stress tests.

May, 2019- Present
Echocardiography Technologist
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
Georgetown, Guyana

Perform 2D transthoracic echocardiograms, Bubble studies, Dobutamine stress
echocardiograms, and adult congenital echocardiograms. Provide image guidance for
transesophageal echocardiograms and pericardiocentesis. Adult CHD.

Volunteer Experience
January, 2015-
October, 2019
The Chocolate Frog
Co-founder and Chapter Organizer
Georgetown, Guyana

• Plan all campaigns in accordance with The Harry Potter Alliance protocols.
• Organize with volunteers and plan donation collections. Schedule all distributions with receiving institutions. Liaison with various NGOs to collaborate on campaigns.

July, 2017- Present
Rad To The Bone 592
Owner and Blogger
Georgetown, Guyana

• Write, proofread, and edit informative articles about radiology practice for publication. Plan and organize all RadToTheBone592 events.
• Network with local and international medical imaging practitioners and radiography bodies.

June, 2018- August,2019
World Radiography Education Trust Foundation (WRETF)
WRETF Ambassador, Guyana
London, England

Act as a liaison between the WRETF and the imaging department applicants, ensuring that communication between the two is free of confusion and sustained for long-term relationship building. Assist the imaging departments in completing applications for support and to confirm that applications reach the WRETF General Manager. This relates to the following areas of support: 1)Books for educational use. 2) Workshop support in the form of finance to purchase materials, give presentations in person, virtually or to make presentations available. 3)Bursary support in line with the WRETF Bursary Programme – supporting attendance at a conference or an educational training visit.

August, 2019-present
World Radiography Education Trust Foundation (WRETF)
WRETF Trustee, Guyana
London, England

• Function as the Social Media Liaison for the WRETF and work on Website Transition Committee.
• Hosted the first WRETF Ambassadors Conference Call in May, 2020.
• To actively promote the work of the Trust at appropriate events.

November 2020- July 2022
Guyana Association of Medical Imaging Practitioners/ GAMIP
Vice President
Georgetown, Guyana
The Bishops’ High School Georgetown, Guyana
C.X.C (9 subjects)

Health Sciences Education, Ministry of Health, Guyana
X-Ray Technician Certificate

2013- 2018
University of Guyana
Turkeyen, Guyana
Bachelors of Science in Medical Imaging

May, 2018- May, 2019
GPHC in collaboration with LIBIN & University of Calgary, Canada/Guyana Program for Advancing Cardiac Care(GPACC)
Adult Echocardiography Certificate

Awards/ Grants
Cardiovascular Credentialing International 2019 Aaron S. White Educational Grant (Student)

Professional Affiliation
• The International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
• European Society of Radiology
• American Society of Echocardiography
• Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professionals (European Society of Cardiology)

• Chanderballi, Ramona “Does the future of AI in medical imaging have a home in the developing world?” ISRRT News and Views Special Edition 2020
• Chanderballi, R. “Medical Imaging in Guyana, development and status.” Radiography Open (2019) DOI 10.7577/radopen.3610
Certificates/ Training/ License
• Certificate of Participation, Department of Standards and Technical Services Regional Radiology Services, Ministry of Health Guyana
9th November, 2009
• Certificate of Appreciation, Annual Conference,
The Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago
6th – 7th October, 2012
• Annual License to Practice (X-Ray Technician), Allied Health Professions Council of Guyana Ministry of Health, Guyana
January 1st 2013- December 31st 2013
• Certificate of Participation, Quality Improvement Training Programme,
HEALTHQUAL International in collaboration with Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation 9th – 10th April, 2013
• Certificate of Participation, Quality Improvement- Performance Management Training Programme HEALTHQUAL International in collaboration with the Centre for Disease Control 16th – 19th September, 2013
• Annual License to Practice(X-Ray Technician), Allied Health Professions Council of Guyana Ministry of Health, Guyana
January 1st 2014- December 1st 2014
• Certificate of Completion, Emergency Radiology Course- Online Video, Melbourne, Australia
15th May, 2015
• Certificate of Completion, Adult Brain MRI Review Course- Online Video, Melbourne Australia
29th August, 2015
• Certificate of Attendance, Annual Conference
The Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago
3rd-4th October, 2015
• Fire Safety Training Certificate
Guyana Fire Service
11th July, 2016
• Certificate of Attendance, Annual Conference
The Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago
13th November, 2016
• Certificate of Completion
Days for Girls Ambassador of Women’s Health Course
29th January, 2017
• Certificate of Completion, Medical Imaging Anatomy Course- Online Video, Melbourne Australia
• Certificate of Attendance
20th ISRRT World Congress, Trinidad and Tobago
12th-15th April,2018
3 East Temple St, Windsor Forest, W.C.D., Guyana, South America•+592-642-5448•
• Certificate for Poster Presentation
Title: “The effectiveness of ultrasound-guided intra-abdominal drainage of abscesses and abnormal fluid collections at the Georgetown Public Hospital, Guyana.” 20th ISRRT World Congress, Trinidad and Tobago
12th-15th April,2018
• Annual License to Practice (Radiographer/Medical Imaging Technologist) , Allied Health Professions Council of Guyana
Ministry of Health, Guyana
January 1st 2019- December 31st 2019
• Certificate of Attendance
Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live
25th October 2019
• Certificate of Attendance
American Society of Echocardiography
June, 2019
• Annual License to Practice (Radiographer/Medical Imaging Technologist) , Allied Health Professions Council of Guyana
Ministry of Health, Guyana
January 1st 2020- December 31st 2020
• Annual License to Practice (Radiographer/Medical Imaging Technologist) , Allied Health Professions Council of Guyana
Ministry of Health, Guyana
January 1st 2021- December 31st 2021
• Certificate of Attendance (Virtual)
American Society of Echocardiography
June, 2021
• Certificate of Attendance (Virtual)
American Society of Echocardiography
June, 2022


Edward Wong

Hong Kong (HKRA)

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- Graduate as Diagnostic Radiographer in 1988 from Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Got another Master Degree in IT (year 2004) and is currently studying the Doctor of Health Science in Polytechnic University - 30 years of Practice in Radiology including Public and Private Sectors in Hong Kong - Currently Clinical Consultant of Bayer HealthCare - Main interest is Radiation Protection & Imaging Technology - Chairman of Hong Kong Radiographers’ Association (since 2013-2019) and is now General Secretary of the Association - Faculty Director of Medical Imaging and Informatics, Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists (since 2011) - ISRRT Regional Coordinator Public Relations Asia/Australasia (since 2018) WONG Ting Hei, Edward General Secretary, Hong Kong Radiographers’ Association Dec. 2019



Damodara Naidu Koti


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Damodara Naidu Koti
Sr.MRI technologist
Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences: Hyderabad

President, Society of Indian Radiographers (S.I.R)
Founder president, S.I.R (Telangana chapter) 
Founder President, SIR United Andhra Pradesh Chapter

Educational qualifications:, M.A, 
Technical Qualifications: 
CRA, PG Dip in Radiography & Imaging Technology, PGDCA
Academic achievements:
Worked as Lecturer for Radiology and Imaging technology for 
Hyderabad Medical technology college
Neo Meditech Academy
Brain Storm (CDR Hosp)
Bharath Medical Training college 
Yashoda Paramedical College
Vijetha (Now Vijaya) Paramedical Training College

Co-Author of an MRI book titled “Step by Step MRI” published by JP Publications
Guest lecturers delivered in:
All India Institute of Medical sciences(AIIMS),New Delhi
Govt.Medical college, Chandigarh
JSS Medical college, Mysuru
NRI Medical college,Guntur
Kilpauk Medical college ,Chennnai
Govt.omamdurar Medical college,Chennai
Apollo hospital,Hyderabad

Conferences conducted:
Conducted 3 National conferences for Rafiograaphers 
Two National conferences with international faculty
Many state level conferences for Radiographers
International conferences this year:
Attended and represented India in the  world congress of International society of Radiographers and Radiological technologists(ISRRT) held virtually this year in dublin,Ireland(First indian to attend council meeting)
Strengths & Interests:
Thousands of My students are working as Technologists in India and abroad in the counties like USA, UK, Australia and other Gulf countries.
Taught many Radiologists who have become even professors.
Continuously teaching Technologists and P.G students in Radiology for more than 3 Decades.
Extra Curricular Activities:
Veteran Athlete Marathon Runner
NCC "C" Certificate Holder.

With regards:
Damodara Naidu Koti



Subhash Chand Bansal


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Mr. Subhash Chand Bansal is working as a Lecturer Medical Technology in the Department of Radio-diagnosis and Imaging at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research at Chandigarh since May,1991. This Institute is a Tertiary care 1500 bedded Hospital with the state of art medical facilities. He did his Bachelor’s in Medical Technology (X-Ray) in 1975 and Master’s in Medical Technology (Radiology with Radio-diagnosis as a special subject) in December 1983 from PGIMER Chandigarh as well as also did Master’s in Public Administration in 1978 and later on Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations in 1981 apart from diploma on United Nation’s Development and International Understanding in 1980. He has got more than 34 years of experience in the profession which includes more than 18 years as a lecturer in the same institute. He has a good number of publications in the scientific journals and chapters in various textbooks. He has participated in large number of various International as well as National Conferences and presented papers and chaired sessions as well as organized both National as well as Asian Conferences in India. 
Presently he is also pursuing PhD in the Faculty of Science in Panjab University and doing study on Bone Mineral Density a comparison both by DEXA and QCT.


Suresh Malayath


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Mr. Suresh Malayyath, during his 25 years of career in Radiological Technology has practiced Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy, Radiation Safety Standards’ Assessment and Quality Assurance. He started his Professional Practice in 1996 in Diagnostic Radiology. Later, he joined in the Department of Radiotherapy in Calicut Medical College in 1998. He did his Diploma in Radiological Technology from Calicut Medical College and Degree from University of Calicut. 

When Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, the Nuclear Regulator of India started the Directorate of   Radiation Safety in Kerala State as a pilot project, he associated with office and joined as Technical Assistant in 2010.  He was the Team Member for Regulatory Inspections and Quality Assurance of Radiological Installations and performed the same, nearly in 3000 Healthcare Institutions in state. In Administration, he performed a multitasking job including Budgeting, Plan Implementation, Co-ordination of Training Programs for Radiographers across the state and Public Relations. He was designated as State Public Information Officer of the Directorate of Radiation Safety, Kerala in 2011. Currently he is working under Insurance Medical Services Department, Government of Kerala.

Professional Organizations 

Mr. Suresh Malayyath is the founder General Secretary of All Kerala Qualified Radiographers’ Association. In 2006, he established Indian Society of Radiographers & Technologists (ISRT) with his colleagues and since then   holding the office of General Secretary of ISRT.

In February 2020, the World Health and Wellness Congress promoted by ET NOW Channel (Times of India Group) enlisted Mr. Suresh Malayyath in the Global Listing of 101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders and awarded with Memento and Citation in a function held in Mumbai.

Presentations & Publication 

Mr. Suresh Malayyath has many presentations in his credit across India, especially in Radiation Safety and Quality Assurance. He is the Editor- in -Chief of ALARA - Informative Pages, India's first Radiographers' Magazine since 2015. 

E Mail: 
Mobile: +91 9846 433 944 (What’s App)  |     +91 9747 6322 86 (Calls) 

Giek Sugiyanto


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Since 1989 - Lecturer in Academy of Radiography, Searang and other universities in Semarang focused on Basic Radiography Technique, Advanced Radiography and MRI
2004 - 2006 Head of programme, Graduate Programme in Radiology,  The State of Polytechnic of Allied Health, Semarang
2006 - 2008 Vice Director of the State of Polytechnic of Allied Health, Semarang
Since 2008 - Director of the State of Polytechnic of Allied Health, Semarang
Professional Activities
Since 2006 - Chair of Provincial Indonesia's Radiographer Association
Since 2007 - Board member of Provincial Indonesia's Radiographer Certification Committee
                  - Active participation in local and national seminars and conferences


Michele Monahan


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Current Role
Radiography Services Manager, Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Diagnostic Radiographer
Ultrasound, Mediation, Healthcare Management
Professional Practice, other roles
Member of CORU ( National Regulator ) Council 2011-2016
Member of Radiographers Registration Board of CORU ( National Regulator ) 2011-2018
Member of Nursing and Midwifery Board ( National Regulator for Nursing and Midwifery ) 2012- 2017
Chairperson Health and Social Care Professional Alliance 2016- Present
Liaising with other professional bodies to forward the role of Health and Social Care professions in the country to ensure maximum potential is reached to achieve a more effective service for clients and patients.

Secretary Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy (IIRRT) 2016- Present
President of Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy from 2014 - 2016. IIRRT Council Member 2007- Present Member of Conference Committee, CPD Committee, Interview Recruitment Committee, Finance Committee, Ultrasound Guidelines Committee, Scope of Practice Committee, Role Development Committee.
Treasurer of Irish Institute of Radiography1996  - 1998
Member of Radiographers Regulatory Committee 1995- 1997
Treasurer of Irish Branch College of Radiographers 1994 - 1996
Secretary of Irish Branch College of Radiographers from 1987 - 1994
Radiographers and Radiation Therapist Division National Executive SIPTU1993- Present
Chairperson of this group since 2000. Participate and professional lead for all National negotiations regarding Radiography including the current National Radiography Review.

Professional Interests
•    To promote advanced practice for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists.
•    To work towards Prescriber and Practitioner status for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists 


Diego Catania


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Ueda  Katsuhiko


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The Japan Association of Radiological Technologists
22F Mita Kokusai Building, 1-4-28. Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-4226-2211,Facsimile: +81-50-3135-1519,



2020 to present           International University of Health and Welfare, Narita, Chiba Japan
Professor of School of Health Sciences at Narita,
Director of Department of Radiological Sciences
・  Managements of faculty
・    Clinical training of students


2017 – 2020   Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto, Japan
Clinical Radiology Service Unit
・  Manager.
・   Clinical training of students


1982 – 2017   Yamaguchi University Hospital, Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan
Department of radiological Technology

・  Chief RT
・  X-ray, radiotherapy, nuclear Medicine ,CT, IVR



2020 to present           The Japan Association of Radiological Technologists
・  President

2017 to present           Medical Imaging and Information Sciences
・  Director

2012– 2020     Association of Radiological Technologists in National University
・  President
・  Human resource development committee.

2007– 2017     Japanese Society of Radiological Technology



2000                Bachelor of Health Sciences,
National Institution for Academic Degrees

1982                Associate degree in Radiological Technology,
Kyusyu University School of Health Sciences.


Loay Al Waked


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Loai Meqbel Waked Waked
Date of Birth : 26 SEP 1982
Gender : Male
Nationality : Jordanian
National Number : 9821044725
E-mail :
Phone Number : 00962788502575 - 00962790687879
Current pisition : Senior radiation therapist at King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC)

Han, Jung Hwan


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Name: Han, Jung Hwan
Nation: Republic of Korea

 Mar 2023 ~ Present: President of KRTA (the Korean Radiological Technologists Association)
 Mar 2020 ~ Feb 2022: Auditor of KRTA (the Korean Radiological Technologists Association)
 Jan 2010 ~ Dec 2015: President of KSMS (the Korean Society of Medical Sonographers)
Feb 1994 ~ Present: Samsung Medical Center, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Oct 1990 ~ Dec 1993: Sporex Medical Examination Center, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Jan 1989 ~ Sep 1990: Seoul Daeyoon Hospital, Department of Diagnostic Radiology


Lauma Mice


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Work Experience:
From 2016 Head Radiogreapher's deputy/ Radiograph er at Pouls Strodins Clinicol
University Hospitol
From 2015 Radiologist assiatant at Pauls Stradins Clinicol lJniversity Hospitol

20t5 -2010 Professional Bachelor ln Radiography,lJniversity of Latvio
20L2.-20L5 Radiology assistant, P. Stradins Medicol College of the University of Lotvia

2OL9 Radiogropher Certificate Nr. AE-1.0092 (Latvijos Arstniecrbos personu profesionolo orgonizociju savientbo)
Society lnvolvement
3.05.2022 President of Association of Radiographers and Radiology Assistants of Latvia
2015 . Member of Association of Radiographers and Radiology Assistants of Latvia



Aurika Vanckaviciene


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E-mail :

Since 2002 work as chief radiographer in Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos, Department of Radiology. My clinical practice – bone densitometry technologist. 
My research interests: medical education research, professional competence,  human resources for health development  research. 
From 2015 president of Lithuanian Association of Radiological Technologist

1996-2000 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Register nurse 
2002 Radiographer professional qualification.
2002-2004 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Public Health Management, Master degree
2010-2015 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Doctoral thesis.. Biomedical sciences. 

2002 – present
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas Klinikos, Department of Radiology, Chief  radiographer 
2008 – present
Lecturer at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy, Department of Nursing and care and also lecturer of Radiography program at Kauno kolegija University of Applied Sciences, Department of Biomedical diagnostics


Scholtes Claude


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Leong Kei Fernando KOK


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Principal Consultant of Radiological Technologist, Department of Imagiology, Conde S. Januário General Hospital, Government of Macao Special Administrative Region – Health Bureau
Bachelor Degree of Radiological Technologist, Macao Polytechnic Institute
Has been working as Radiological Technologist since 1984
Chairman of Council, Macao Radiological Technologists’ Association since 2011
Vice-President of General Assembly, Macao Radiology Association since 2011Vice-Chairman of Council, Macao Radiology Association since 2000 to 2010Council Member of ISRRT since 2003 to 2010



Sawal Marsait 


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Health Science Department, University Selangor (City Campus)
Jalan Zirkon A7/A, Seksyen 7
40000 Shah Alam, 
Selangor, MALAYSIA
T: +6012-6346509   E: 
Diagnostic Radiographers with over 25 years of experience, which involved in clinical more than 15 years as Radiographer and Manager in Imaging department. Working in reputable and established private hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Moving into academic as a lecturer a decade ago with University Selangor (UNISEL).
Actively involved in Malaysian Society of Radiographers (MSR), Vice President in 2013 and now a President of MSR for the 2019/2021 terms.

Head of Department, Health Science Department (2018 - current)
Heading a Health Science Department under the Faculty of Engineering & Life Sciences at UNISEL
Lecturer, Medical Imaging (2010 - current)
Lecturer for Diploma Students
Manager, Diagnostic & Interventional Services (2007 - 2009)
Gleneagles Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
Manager, Radiology Department (2002 - 2007)
Pantai Hospital Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Senior Radiographer, Radiology Department (1996 - 2002)
Pantai Hospital Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Radiographer, Radiology Department (1995 - 1996)
Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Society Involvement        
President (April 2019 – April 2021)
Vice-President (April 2013 – April 2015)
Executive Council (April 2003 – April 2013)

Ikram Hameed 


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Ikram Hameed, a current PhD candidate, is a skilled radiation safety and quality assurance consultant at RADSafe Maldives. Graduating in 2009 from the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Ikram is also an Associate Member of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) and a founding member of the Maldives Association for Radiographers and Radiological Technologists

This accomplished professional's dedication to enhancing radiological practices shines through contributions to job descriptions and curriculum development in collaboration with the Maldives National University.

Mobile: +960-7792030 (WhatsApp/Viber)

Dorianne Galea 


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B.Sc. (Hons.) in Radiography at the University of Malta - graduated in 2012.

M.Sc. in Radiography (Vascular Ultrasound) at the University of Malta – graduated in 2019.

Diagnostic Radiographer at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta since 2012.

General Secretary of the Society of Medical Radiographers, Malta from 2015 till 2017.

President of the Society of Medical Radiographers, Malta since March 2020.

Cowles Chilingulo


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Cowles Andrew Chilingulo
Blantyre Malaria Project – MRI Centre
P.O. Box 32256, Chichiri, Blantyre 3. MALAWI
E-mail :

With over 30 years in the Medical Imaging field I am confident to associate with progressive and dynamic organizations where my capabilities, skills and experience are recognized and fairly exploited. I am ready to accept any new challenges that match my profile. 

Date of Birth    - 6th June 1962
Marital status    - Married
Nationality    - Malawian
Home Address    - Chilingulo Village, TA Chikumbu, Mulanje District.
Languages known – English, Chichewa, Tumbuka, Yao.

Medical Imaging skills – proven track record of performance of MRI scanning, CT scanning, Ultrasound mammography on top of general radiography
Team skills – demonstrated ability to function effectively within a variety of health professionals in different hospital settings
Experience in different work environments having served in government hospitals, private hospital and American funded project
Teaching skills – proven experience in teaching and practical assessment of students
Research skills – experience in conducting MRI-related research activities 


01/08/08 TO DATE    Blantyre Malaria Project        Chief MRI Radiographer         
Key responsibilities include;
•    Operating the first MRI scanner in Malawi since August 2008
•    Managing the activities of the MRI centre, 
•    Performing MRI scans of the whole body for general patients and research projects
•    Supervising part time radiographers and other staff at the centre
•    Screening patients before MRI examinations
•    Providing MRI patient care before, during and after procedures
•    Teaching basic MRI skills to Radiography students Key achievements;
•    First Malawian Radiographer to take full competent charge of the first MRI scanner in Malawi 
•    Performance of MRI research activities for cerebral malaria, epilepsy and stroke in HIV patients
•    Successful performance of high quality MRI scans of patients from neurosurgery, orthopedic, ophthalmology, gynecology, oncology and medicine departments

01/03/04 to 31/07/08    Mwaiwathu Private Hospital         Chief Radiographer
Key responsibilities included;
•    Conducting CT scanning, mammography, ultrasound and general x-rays.
•    Planning organizing and directing activities of the x-ray department.
•    Budgeting and purchasing x-ray equipment accessories and supplies
•    Supervising and training radiographers on day to day basis so as to ensure consistent provision of high quality radiological services in a private setting
•    Designed a permanent quality assurance program for the department
•    Provided practical training for radiography students from MCHS Key achievements;
•    Established a fully fledged x-ray department with 24 hour service provision of general x-rays, ultrasound, CT scanning and mammography the first of its kind in Malawi
•    Successfully undertook a business approach to the x-ray department 
•    Demonstrated ability to function effectively within a variety of team roles

1994 – 2004    Malawi College of Health Sciences            Associate Lecturer
Key responsibilities;
•    Planning, organizing and implementing the activities of the Radiography program
•    Provision of teaching and supervision of students
•    Revision of curriculum for the upgrading course training of Radiography Technicians
•    Designed and implemented a practical based curriculum for 3-year Diploma in Radiography course
•    Provided teaching and practical supervision of Radiography students
•    Counseling students 
Key achievements;
•    Successfully designed and implemented the radiography training curriculum
•    Successfully headed the radiography program of the college.
•    Proven ability in the management of an academic program

1982 – 1984    Lilongwe School for Health Sciences (Certificate in Radiography)
1991 – 1993    Lilongwe School for Health Sciences (Diploma in Radiography with distinction)
1996    Centre for Development in Health, Arusha (Diploma in Health Personnel Education DHPEd)
2000    Malawi College of Health Sciences (Certificate in Ultrasound)
2002 – 2004    Mzuzu University (Bachelor of Science – Health Science Education – Radiography Education) Upper second class
2009 – 2011    Michigan State University (Advanced Cross-Sectional Certificate in Radiology)
2012 – 2016    Master in Public Health - MPH (University of Malawi College of Medicine)

•    Complete Radiographer with proven skills in MRI, CT scanning, mammography Ultrasound and general radiography.
•    Well disciplined, peak performer, self-starter and innovative
•    Team player with various other health and non-health professionals
•    Committed to professional ethics and excellence
•    Fully registered with Medical Council of Malawi - Registration number MCM/RT/OO31

2004 - 2018
•    2004; Conducted a Training Needs Assessment for the Introduction of Diagnostic Ultrasound Training at Malawi College of Health Sciences.
•    2009; Performing MRI brain scans in the study of Brain Imaging in Normal Kids (BRINK) – A Community-based MRI Study in Malawian Children – Part of Epilepsy studies in Malawi
•    2012 – 2015: Coordinated the study ‘A Quantitative Measure of Brain Swelling on MRI Scans Predicts Outcome in Pediatric Cerebral Malaria. QECH, Blantyre Malaria Project
•    2014: Performed MRI scans in the study ‘Untreated HIV Infection, Recent ARV treatment Initiation and Stroke in Malawian Adults: A Prospective Case-Control Study using MRI. QECH, WELLCOME Trust 
•    2014-15: Conducted a study on ‘Factors contributing to lack of occupational radiation exposure monitoring in x-ray facilities in southern Malawi’. (dissertation for MPH)
•    2016; Performed MRI scans parameter measurements in the study ‘Noninvasive measures of brain edema predict outcome in pediatric cerebral malaria’. QECH, Blantyre Malaria Project 
•    2009 – 2012: Performed brain scans for the study ‘Brain Swelling and Death in Children with Cerebral Malaria at QECH’. Blantyre Malaria Project, Malawi
•    Currently conducting Brain MRI scans in the clinical trial ‘Treating Brain Swelling+ in Pediatric Cerebral Malaria. A Clinical Trial. QECH, Blantyre Malaria Project

•    2014 to date; Chairman of the Radiographers Association of Malawi
•    2016 to date: Vice President of The Pan-African Congress of Radiology and Imaging (PACORI)
•    2016 to date - Executive Council Member of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT), representing Malawian Radiographers at international level

Dr Sam Kampondeni
Mpingwe Clinic 
P/Bag 476
Cell: +265 888 869 180.     Email;

Mr Bonnette Chipa
Ministry of Health
P.O. Box 30377
Capital City
Cell; +265 999 678 744;     Email;;

Dr Precious Champiti (Consultant Radiologist)
QECH Radiology Department
P.O. Box 95
Cell: +265 997 301529;     Email; 

Ibrahima Traore


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E-mail :



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Graduated from the Rabat Health Careers Institute on 2004 as a radiology technologist 2004 to now:  working at the IBN SINA university hospital center MRI unit Training the radiology technologist students in the same unit






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Mwalimushi C. Kamati-Chinkoti


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Mwalimushi C. Kamati-Chinkoti is a Chief Radiographer for Regional Services – Namibia. She co-ordinates regular supervisory support visits to public radiography departments in all 13 regions of Namibia (36 x-ray departments, one nuclear medicine and one radiotherapy department). She also liaises with the regional and national management teams on issues pertaining to radiography.
Kamati-Chinkoti completed a National Diploma in Radiography (diagnostic) from the University of Namibia in 2000. In 2003 she completed a National diploma in Radiotherapy from the Witwatersrand Technikon in South Africa. In 2007 she obtained a Masters of Business Management from the Management College of Southern Africa. She is currently a Doctor of Business Leadership candidate. 
She has been in the employment of the Ministry of Health and Social Services for over 13 years. Firstly, as a pupil radiographer, diagnostic radiographer, and then as a radiation therapist until she was promoted to the chief radiographer post.
She serves on several educational and social boards/committees. Kamati-Chinkoti is proud of Namibia, her beautiful inheritance and does not let an opportunity pass without bragging about it. That is why she created Mwalimushi is especially passionate about capacity building in radiography. Among her achievements in Radiography is coordinating the first National Radiography Day celebrations in 2009 and the establishment of the Radiographer’s Association of Namibia.


Abinash jha                                      


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Medical Imaging Lecturer with active involvement in the Nepal Radiological Society (NRS) as General Secretary.
At ease communicating with both medical imaging professionals and patients.
Mrs. Barsha Jha with a son.
Proactive, well organized with good problem solving skills.

2016                     PG IOM, TUTH (Regd no.RD 10)
2012                     Undergraduate BscMIT, IOM, TUTH                           
2006                     10+2    
2003                     SLC        

Radiotechnologist, Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital (2013-18) 
Lecturer, Kantipur Academy of Health Science, Kathmandu
Lecturer (2018), National Academy of Medical Science
Subject Committee member of Radiography at Nepal Health Professional Council 
Organizer and Scientific Secretary of CME at 28th annual function of Nepal Radiological Society (Sep 2018).
Scientific secretary of 2nd National Symposium on MRI (July 2018)

Good knowledge of latest radiology equipment, MDCT, MRI, Digital Fluoroscopy, DSA procedures and safety standard with the ability to convey information to the patient effectively.
Competent, sensitive and has ability to work in stress.

“A Comparison of radiation dose in single and split dose Multidetector Computed Tomography Urography”
“A guide to radiological procedures” by samiksha publications

•    Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi, Bajika.
•    Software Skills: MS Office, basic knowledge of mail and internet.
•    Interests: Cricket, Football, White water rafting, quizzing  


Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal


David  De Vries


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I started my education as a radiographer in 1980.
After finishing my training I worked in several hospitals as a diagnostic radiographer and as clinical educator.
In 2001 I started working as a manager in the department of radiology & nuclear medicine of the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam.
In my opinion it is important that radiographers are visible for the public and that their voice is heard. Professional societies play an important role in this and also in improving standards of care, education and research.

I’m glad to represent the Dutch society NVMBR in ISRRT.


Kathy Colgan 

New Zealand

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It is my pleasure to represent the New Zealand Institute of Medical Radiation Technologists (NZIMRT) at the ISSRT Council.  My role as part of the NZIMRT is to highlight the work of ISRRT encouraging and fostering support through fundraising on World Radiography Day, ISRRT memberships, and information sharing.

I am Charge Radiographer at Rotorua Hospital, a regional hospital in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand.  My role includes the daily operations management for the department, including responsibility for staff, budgets and project leadership for equipment replacement.  I am a diagnostic radiographer and I have maintained my scope of practice with the majority of my clinical role involving CT Scanning.

I have been involved with the NZIMRT for approximately 15 years beginning in the role of Education Convenor with responsibility for the organisation’s continuing professional development programme.  I have served twice as New Zealand President, an enjoyable yet humbling experience.

I am fortunate in my role to have the support of my husband Gary and my family, Matthew, James and Eilis.  Rotorua Hospital Radiology Department enables me to attend the various meetings and conferences as required and this means being within a national leadership role is possible.  

I see the work of ISRRT as being extremely important to ensure that patient safety during radiation practice is always kept to the forefront across the world.  The ability to share knowledge is vital and I am excited at the early steps towards supporting educational workshops in the Asia Pacific region.  I look forward to continuing to work to raise the profile of ISRRT within the New Zealand radiography community.

Kathy Colgan



Musa Yusuf DAMBELE


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Personal Details

- First Name: Musa
-Surname: Dambele
-Date of Birth: 16th July, 1982
-Address: Department of Medical Radiography, College of Health Sciences,
Bayero Unviersity, Kano
- Email Address : /
-Position/rank Senior Lecturer
-Nationality: Nigerian
-Mobile Phone no.: +2348038053397

Educational Qualifications

2016-2021 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Radiation & Environmental Protection
Department of Radiography and Radiological Sciences, University of Nigeria,
Enugu Campus, Enugu State, Nigeria

2017-2020 Master of Science (M.Sc. Nuclear Physics)
Department of Physics, Bayero University, Kano

2012-2014 Master of Science (M.Sc. Physics; Radiation Protection)
Department of Physics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

2009-2011 B.Sc Radiography,(B.Sc)
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

2001-2005 Diploma of the Institute of Radiography (DIR)

1994-2000 Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (SSCE),
Jibril Martin High School, Iponri, Lagos State

1988-1994 First School Leaving Certificate,
United African Methodist Church Primary School, Ebute-Metta (West), Lagos
State, Nigeria.

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Bent Ronny Mikalsen


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President of the Norwegian Society of Radiographers

Born: 12. February 1964
Lives in Haugesund Norway, works at Helse Fonna hospital as a senior radiographer, Educated specialist in MRI and for the last 15 years MRI has been my main area.


Mohammed Abdalghani


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Address: Saida, Tulkarm, Palestine
Mobile number : 00972599430605
E-mail  : |
Year of Birth: 1974
Nationality    : Palestinian

Current occupation        
Tulkarm Health Directorate – Palestinian Ministry of Health 
    Head of Radiology Department        

Professional / Educational Record        
Al-Quds University – The Medical Imaging Department
Bachelor's degree (BSc) in Medical Imaging
Arab Collage for Medical Professions – Radiography Department
Diploma of Radiography


  • Vice president of Palestinian association of medical radiation technologists  PAMRT 
  • Ambassador  at The World Radiography Educational Trust Foundation (WRETF) -2019\2020
  • Trustee at  World Radiography Educational Trust Foundation (WRETF) – 2021 until now 
  • Council member at Arab Federation of Radiology and Medical Imaging Specialists  Associations ( AFRSA )
  • Representative of PAMRT at ISRRT
  • Representative of PAMRT at EFRS

Professional Interests        
Radiology Departments Administration, Image diagnostics, Radiation protection, Radiographic Patient care.

Jolanta Tomczak, RTT, MSc


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Master Degree    - 2012
Bachelor Degree - 2010
Graduated master degree in 2012 from University of Medical Sciences in Poznan; faculty of electroradiology.
Currently working in Department of Vascular and General Surgery practicing colour duplex Doppler ultrasonography.
Since January 2012 has been a member of the Board of the Polish Society of Electroradiology. Lecturer during the "Radiology Meeting in Krakow" the topic presented:



Manuel José Cruz Duarte Lobo


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Manuel José Cruz Duarte Lobo

Adress: Rua de Evangelina Pereira nº 6, 1st Left 5200-291 Mogadouro –



Social Network:

Male Gender | Date of birth 01-03-1985 | Portuguese nationality --------------



September 2010 to March 18, 2013

Master in Management of Health Units (100 ECTS) Level 7


Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

▪ Main disciplines: Health Economics, Quality in Health Units, Policy and

Organization of Health Systems, Management and Logistics of Health Units,

Business Economics and Finance, Data Processing and Analysis.

September 2003 to December 2007

Degree in Radiology (240 ECTS) Level 6

Coimbra Higher School of Health Technology

▪ Main disciplines: Radiological Anatomy, Pathology, Methods and Techniques

in Radiology, Pathophysiology, Differentiated Methods and Techniques in

Radiology, Radiological Protection, Radiation Physics, Information Systems,

Applied Research in Radiology, Ultrasonography.


From June 9, 2008 until now

Radiographer Aces Nordeste / Local Health Unit of the Northeast

▪ Conducting Conventional Radiology exams at the following

institutions: SUB /CS Mogadouro and Health Centers in Miranda do Douro,

Alfândega da Fé, Vila Flor, Torre de Moncorvo, Vimioso and Freixo de Espada a

Cinta. Some periods also at the Hospital de Mirandela.


Public Health Sector

March 2011 until now Ultrasound Trainer for the Ultrasound Working Group - Spain




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has a degree in Radiologic Technology and Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management. She has practice specialization in Ultrasound, Mammography and Computed Tomography.

Since her practice in 1999 in the hospital and in the academe in 2005, she has received awards and recognitions as the recipient of the WHO WPRO study grant for the conduct of the study on: Developing a Model Intervention to Sustain the Quality Chest Radiography in PTB Diagnosis in Manila and Quezon Cities, awarded as the Best Innovative Researcher Presenter for the study: Scanning RTs Occupational Safety and Health: Basis for Productivity and Enhancement and the Second Best Researcher for the study: Densitometric Analysis of the Effectiveness of Recycled Plastics as Safelight Filter.

Ms. Luna is the Dean of the College of Medical Radiation Technology of the Philippine College of Health Sciences, Manila City Philippines. She is a faculty and was the former Dean of the College of Radiologic Technology of The Family Clinic Inc. (The Pioneer School in X-ray Technology Education) for eight years.

She is the first Council member of the Continuing Professional Development Council (CPDC) of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), credentialing agency responsible in accrediting CPD programs and local or international CPD providers. And currently the member of the, PRC CPD- CPSP-CATS – Career Progression and Specialization Program- Credit Accumulation and Transfer System Committee.

Since 2006, she has been the National Officer for Local and Internal Public Relations and acting Secretary General of the Philippine Association of Radiologic Technologists, Inc, (PART) Ms. Luna serves the organization as the Chair for the Nomination Council for the selection of the most outstanding professional of the year in Radiologic Technology profession and the PART CPD Chair. She is also Secretary General of the Philippine Association of Deans and Faculty of Colleges of Radiologic Technology, Inc. (PADFoCoRTI) for more than 10 years.

She is also the ambassador of the Philippines to the World Radiography Education Trust Fund (WRETF) since 2018 and also serves the International Society of Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists (ISRRT ) as the international council member for the Philippines and regularly shares her writings in the ISRRT Newsletter publications. 



Jean Felix

Rwanda SMIR

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My name is Mr. HABIMANA  Jean Felix, Born in 1985 ,Married with AKAYEZU Vestine since 09/09/2017 ,and Living Kigali city in Land of thousand hills(RWANDA),I m a holder of  Bachelor in Medical imaging sciences from ECUREI-Kampala-Uganda in 2016  and Advanced  Diploma  in Medical imaging Sciences(MIS ) from University of Rwanda/College of Medicine and Health sciences in 2009, Candidate  student  in epidemiology at Mount Kenya University/Kigali-Rwanda Campus, Head of Medical Imaging and Radiology Department  at Ruli District Hospital/Rwanda with 7 years experience in  one clinical setting(Ruli Hospital) where my scope of practice includes but not limited to performance of  plain x-ray imaging and Ultrasonography as well as their interpretation/Reporting. Up to now, i have been carrying out operational evidenced-based Research  related to radiology/imaging field for influencing the  decision making  on the challenges faced by  professionals at Facility and countrywide levels .


I m doing the advocacy through different partners both public and private NGO for shaping medical imaging and Radiation professional for safety of  imaging practitioners, Patients and Public/environment WRETF ambassador since 2015, ISRRT Associate Member since 2012; 2012 ISRRT peter LLYOD AWARD  1st WINNER from workshop done in Kampala-Uganda; General Secretary of Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation in Rwanda(SMIR) since 2014; Pan-African Congress of Radiology and Imaging(PACORI) Committee member and  Rwanda  Country representative  and in charge of AFROSAFE implementer at countrywide(RWANDA); Founder member of African Radiography  Forum(ARF)  since 2015 for Improving the Radiation safety culture among African Countries(Purpose advocacy for implementing  WHO-ISRRT Call for Action  plan adopted); In  academic field, I m in charge of Research department and Chairperson of  Research and Ethical committee  at Ruli Higher Institute of  Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH) at the same time I m  tutorial assistant in course unit of nursing research methods and evidence-based practice  as well as  academic writing and referencing; I m carrying out many research at community ground level to improve their life style and influence the opinion leaders on community priorities ; Executive General Secretary  of Rwanda Allied Health professional council(RAHPC) National steering committee   in charge of organization of health conference on top burning health Agenda from 2015; East African community(EAC) technical Team  member in charge of  “Harmonizing clinical practices and education standards protocols  in  EAC 6 six partner states through health professionals council and boards/Radiography board”; Acting as Quality improvement and accreditation/CPD officer in Process of Ruli District Hospital Accreditation at Standard Level since 2015; I attended and presented orally in  many scientific papers in several conference organized at National, Regional, Continental  levels and I held a position of organizers in local steering committee in charge of communication/Publicity as well as chairing a session during congress(Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya etc…).


My leading Motto is: “Be the change you want to see among health professionals”; My hobbies are “Playing Guitar and Singing Gospel songs, Reading scientific medical journals”, Travelling for study and exploring the working condition of different health facilities,  Performing Guitar in wedding ceremony of friends and relatives in the weekend afternoon in case I  am not on duty for serving the patients who may needs imaging services.

Tel: ( +250 ) 0781 556 281/ (+250)788 601 261
 E mail: 
Facebook: John Felix HABIMANA

I was appointed by Executive committee of  Society of Medical imaging and Radiation in RWANDA (SMIR) as ISRRT country representative in RWANDA(Council member) since 12June 2018.



Denise Ai Wen Choong


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Graduated in 2010 with 1st Class Honours from the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia. Currently working as a Senior Radiographer practicing general, vascular, Paediatric and musculoskeletal sonography at the National University Hospital, Singapore. Executive Committee Member of the Singapore Society of Radiographers from 2011 until present and is currently the Honorary Secretary.



Maria Jesus Suarez Hernandez


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Sri Lanka

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Society of Radiological Technologists – Sri LankaPresident of the Society( and the Council member for the ISRRT)
Mr. V.G.Wimalasena. (DSR-Sri Lanka)Principal, School of Radiography- Sri lanka, Tutor Radiographer Office address :- School of Radiography, National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo 10
Sri Lanka.


Hesta Friedrich-Nel

South Africa
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Regional Co-ordinator for Professional Practice - Africa

Hesta Friedrich-Nel

Current Position:    
HOD in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) in Bloemfontein, South Africa since 2013.

M Rad (Therapy), PhD (Health Professions Education) both from the University of the Free State
PhD Thesis – An assessment model in health sciences

SORSA activities:    
A member of the SORSA Bloemfontein branch since 1978
Served on the committee as secretary, chairperson and education representative
President of National Council in 2010 and 2011.
Represent SORSA at the ISRRT council
ISRRT Regional co-ordinator Education: Africa.

Bodil Anderson


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Kuo Wei Wang


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Wang Kuo-Wei

Current Position
1. Director of Landseed International Hospital General Affairs Department, Taiwan
2. President of Taiwan Society of Radiological Technologists, Taiwan 
3. Chief editor of Journal of Taiwan Medical Radiation Technology 

1. National Central University PhD in Department of electrical engineering, Taiwan
2. Yuanpei University Master in Department of Medical Imaging, Taiwan

Chun-Yuan Tu

Taiwan, TAMRT

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Mr. Chun-Yuan Tu
President, Taiwan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
Nationality : Taiwan
Current Position : 
- President ,Taiwan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists, Taipei, Taiwan.
- Medical Radiation Technologist, Department of Radiology, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.
Academic background : 
- Ph.D. Candidate in Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, National Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan. (2019)
- M.S. in Institute of Medical Imaging, Yuanpei University of Science and Technology, Hsinchu, Taiwan. (2006)

Professional Experience
- Certificate of Medical Radiation Technologist, Ministry of Examination, Taiwan.
- Radiation Protection Personnel Certificate of Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
- Academic Teaching Rank Accreditation Certificate Lecturer of Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

E-mail :

TAMRT contact details    : 
Tel: 886-2-25585191 /




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Date of Birth:    03rd August 1972
Nationality:      Tanzanian

Current Location:  Dar-es-Salaam-Tanzania.
Current Position:   Senior Radiographer.
Marital Status: Married.
E-mail address:
 Mobile phone: +255 754 458 624
                          +255 716 500 095

Graduated Bachelor Degree in Technology {B.Tech} in Diagnostic Radiography from the University of Johannesburg- SOUTH AFRICA in 2015. And Diploma in Medical Diagnostic Radiography {DDR} from the University of Dar-es-salaam {Muhimbili University Health and Allied Sciences} in Dar-es-Salaam-Tanzania.
Active member of Tanzania Association of Radiographers {TARA}. 
Short course attended: Computed Tomography {CT-Scan} and Magnetic Resonance Imaging {MRI} from MTMI-Wisconsin -USA awarded Certificates.
International Conference attended:
IAEA conference in Medical Radiation Protection in VIENNA- AUSTRIA.
IAEA conference in Medical Radiation Protection in BONN-GERMANY.
PACORI international Conference in Dar-es-salaam-TANZANIA.
20th ISRRT World International Conference in PORT OF SPAIN- TRINIDAD AND TOBAGGO.
ISRRT Training of Trainers in Radiation Protection in LAGOS- NIGERIA.

Work experience: More than twenty-seven years {27} in Medical Imaging Department with performing MRI Scans, CT Scans, Conventional Radiography etc, of the whole body for general and special patients. Supervising Radiographers and other staff at the medical Imaging Department


Taweap Sanghangthum, PhD


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Taweap Sanghangthum, Ph.D.
Division of Radiation Oncology, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, 
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Dr.Taweap Sanghangthum is an Assistant Professor at the Division of Radiation Oncology, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Radiological Technology from Mahidol University in 2001, Master’s degree in Medical Physics from Mahidol University in 2003, and Doctoral degree in Nuclear Engineering in 2012 from Chulalongkorn University. During his PhD study, Taweap is one of the fifth students who was selected to join the first International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Doctoral Coordinated Research Project (CRP). 

Taweap has been worked for IAEA in many projects including the expert missions. He also received the South-East Asian Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (SEAFOMP) young leader award in 2017 that was the first time to distribute this award. He is a key person who established the BSc program in Radiological Technology at Chulalongkorn University and the first PhD program in Medical Physics in Thailand at Chulalongkorn University.

Currently, Taweap is a member of the Thai Society of Radiologic Technologists (TSRT) committee, several sub-committees of Thai Radiological Technologist Professional Practice under the Ministry of Public Health, Chairperson of M.Sc. and Ph.D in Medical Physics Program at Chulalongkorn University, Registrar of Radiological Society of Thailand (RST), Vice-President of SEAFOMP, Treasurer of Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (AFOMP), Secretary of Thai Medical Physicist Society (TMPS), and IAEA Editorial Board in Radiotherapy.
Taweap is working as a lecturer of BSc program in Radiological Technology, MSc and PhD programs in medical physics at the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. He is also a special lecturer in Radiological Technology for almost all university in Thailand. He has been invited as an invited speaker at several local and international conferences. Taweap has published extensively in several academic journals, proceedings, abstracts and book chapters in Radiation Oncology. 




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President of the Togolese Association of Radiology and Medical Imaging Technicians
2019: Radioactive source Inspector
2013-2015: Master in Radiology and Medical Imaging – University of Lomé (Togo).
1997-2000: Professional License in Radiology and Medical Imaging (University of Lomé)
1996: Scientific Baccalaureate C4 series
Quality assurance, global health, medical imaging techniques (conventional, CT, MRI), radiation protection, medical English
2006 to date: Technician of Radiology and Medical Imaging at CHU Sylvanus Olympio de Lomé (Lomé).
- Plain x-ray
- Supervision of students and evaluation of internships
- Lecture in Ecole des Assistants Médicaux (University of Lomé
2012 to today: Senior Technician in Radiology and Medical Imaging – Hospital Sainte-Josephine de Bhakita (Lomé)

Council Member Email:


Aneesa Ali

Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago
Aneesa has worked in Radiography for the past 18 years, 6 of those years she worked in MRI at one of the Trinidad's oldest and second largest hospitals.   Aneesa recently completed a Post Graduate Degree in Ultrasound and is looking forward to embarking this new path of her career. She has been working in North America for the past 3 years and is currently the Senior Technologist at a Medical Facility in Canada.  She has also be a consultant in MRI for other Countries within the Caribbean.  

Aneesa has the pleasure to work with the Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago wherever, in the world, she is located.  She has held various positions within the Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago such as President , Vice President, Treasurer and now she is currently the ISRRT Council Member for Trinidad and Tobago.  
Some of her recent highlights  in her professional career was being able to represent Trinidad and Tobago at an international level in the Profession as well as, she was given the opportunity to hold the past position of ISRRT Public Relations Coordinator for the Americas.  Aneesa was also the Vice Chair for the ISRRT 2018 World Congress in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Aneesa Ali 



Mr Ramzi Ben Aderrahmen


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First name: RAMZI
Date / place of birth: 05/09/1976 in MONASTIR
Nationality:  Tunisian
Civil status: Married
Address:04,rue des martyrs yasmina carthage     
G.S.M :   97970871/ 28477165  
E-mail ;
Qualifications :
*  1989-1996 :

Baccalaureat degree in sciences
Session June 1996 
Institute of secondary Jemmel Monastir
 * 1996-1999: 
Radiology Technologist
Graduated from High School for sciences and Health Technology specializing in X ray, session June 1999

Study :
* 1996_- 1999 

 three years Internship in the university hospitals in capital of TUNISIA in
the following specialties:
•    Radiation therapy
•    Digital medical imaging
•    Nuclear Medicine
•    magnetic resonance imaging
•    bone densitometry
•    Diagnostic medical imaging
1.      Barium enema 
2.      Barium meal 
3.      Barium swallow
4.      intravenous Urography
5.      Myelography
6.      Scanner
7.      Vascular radiography

Nursing : 
My tasks were    

1.    Register patients
2.    Oxygenate patient if necessary
3.    Interview the patient  about  his disease
4.    Put patient in security lateral position

Experiences Professional: 
1999 – 2000: liberte Clinic 
2000 – 2003 : Avicenne Clinic 
2003 - 2004 : El Farabi Clinic
2004 - 2014 : Hospital Salah Azeiz
2014 – 2019 : Hospital kheireddine
2019-2021 :   Hospital Mongi slim

    My tasks were    
•    Register patients
•    Interview the patient  about  his disease
•    get history from the patient
•    position the patient for the image
•    set the technical factors on machines based on patient condition
•    ensure patient  safety throughout the examen
•    critique the image for quality so the radiologiste can make a proper diagnosis
•    Put patient in security lateral position if necessary
•    Oxygenate patient if necessary

To the following tests :
a.    Digital medical imaging
b.    bone densitometry
c.    scanner
d.    Diagnostic medical imaging
e.    Barium enema 
f.    Barium meal 
g.    Barium swallow
h.     intravenous Urography
i.     Myelography
j.     vascular radiography
k.      Scanner

Language skills :
* Arabic: fluently spoken, reading and writing  
* French: fluently spoken, reading and writing  
* English: speaking, reading and writing (average). 

Specific skills :

Sense of responsibility.
Great ability to work in team with professional and responsible manner. 
The Ability of adapting to the needs of a group.
Serious, adventurous, Full of life.

Interest & Leisure

- Travel


Nezaket ÖZGÜR


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Place of Birth : Ilgaz – Çankırı
She graduated from On Dokuz Mayıs University , Vocational School of Health, Department of Radiology in 1992
She graduated from Anadolu University  Department of Public Administration in 2004.
Earned B.A. Degree from Hacettepe University in field of Health Administration between 2007-2008
Worked as a technician of nuclear medicine for 4 years
She works as a technician of computed tomography at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine
She has served as a board member and a vice president . She has been the president of Turkish Medical Radiotechnology  Association for 4  year  terms.
She gave seminars on Radiation Security and Protection in many hospitals.
She is still giving seminars about Solutions for Professional Problems of Radiology Workers, having studies on a Health Workers’ Health and Security, dealing with Dangers in Workplaces and Risk Evaluation and organising local and national trainings.

Her Hobbies : Professional Mountain Climbing, Hiking,  Drama

Her philosophy: Radiation is not a vitamin. Please ‘low doses of radiation’


Sam Ali


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Sam Ali is a Radiologic Technologist with special expertise in Diagnostic Imaging, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Medical Radiography in 2011 and Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2016, both from Makerere University, Uganda. Sam works with UMC Victoria Hospital, Kampala, Uganda. Before joining UMC Victoria Hospital in 2014, he had previously worked as the Head of Radiology Department at Kitovu Hospital and the in charge of the Radiology Department at Bishop Masereka Christian Foundation, Uganda. He is so passionate about health research and utilizes his over-the-top skills to provide research support services. 
Sam is the ISRRT council member and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program Coordinator for the Medical Imaging and Therapy Radiography profession in Uganda. He has served in those two positions since 2016. In addition, he serves in several Technical Working Groups (TWG) of the Allied Health Professionals Council, Ministry of Health and the Radiography Board of Uganda, such as the TWG involved in the development of polices, regulations and practice guidelines. He has previously served as a General Secretary of the Society of Radiography of Uganda (SRU). Some of his key accomplishments include: contribution to the development of the Allied Health Professional Council CPD guidelines; successful organization of the SRU conferences in 2016 and 2017; and establishment of a decentralized administrative structure with district ambassadors to improve governance of the SRU. In September 2017, he was honored with an award from the SRU in recognition of his outstanding leadership, commitment and dedication to the Radiography profession. 
Sam’s career interests are in Research in Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Radiology, Quality Improvement in Radiography, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health as well as Health Policy and Management. 

Skype: alisambecker


Christopher Kalinka


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Mr Christopher Kalinka
Island Farm Road,
CF31 3LG
Telephone: 07855 216161


Continued Professional Development
IHM Member Modernisation Events
Active member on Welsh Committees – Including periods of chair and secretary duties.
Modernisation / Benchmarking Visits
President – Society of Radiographers
UK Council Member for Wales – Society of Radiographers
Trustee – College of Radiographers
Nuclear Medicine Advisory group – Society of Radiographers

My Family Walking Theatre / Concerts

Key Achievements
Management & Leadership
- SCoR President July 2020
- SCoR UK Council Member for Wales
- Effective leadership, engaging clinicians in service provision and development of new ways of working.
- Review and development of proposals ensuring sustainability of services, whilst complying with legislative requirements.
- Developed communication systems
- Effective liaison / joint working to improve patient care.
- Influenced patient pathways.
- Represented on National developments.
- IT systems deployed to support delivery improvements.

Performance management
- Met Diagnostic Targets - Highly effective management of activity, demand and waiting lists.
- Modernisation - Led a culture of continuous quality improvement, managed staff towards leadership and service development.
- Consistently Achieved Financial Targets. Robust monitoring of budget / financial control procedures in order to ensure financial security.

Human Resources
- Provision of managerial and professional leadership.
- Co-ordination of all staff to ensure effective skill mix and utilisation.
- Commitment to continuous professional development.
- Development of roles to meet modernisation agenda. 

Clinical governance
- Raised the profile of clinical governance improving Clinical  effectiveness, Organisational Quality, Risk Management, education and training.
- Development of Risk Management Strategy
- Investigation of complaints

- Development of a Multi Disciplinary learning approach between Radiographers, Medical and Support staff.
- Proactive Trust Lead for Radiographers, professional support and challenge to staff by identifying needs and planning development.
- Develop action plans to address issues identified in audits / inspections/ legislation.


Samar El-Farra

UNited Arab Emirates

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Samar El-Farra founding and elected board member of the Radiographers Society of Emirates (RASE) -  scientific chairperson. RASE Representative (Council member) to the ISRRT.  Samar is a Senior fellow AHE- UK with more than 20 years of experience within high education and clinical/training settings. Shae has an extensive curriculum development and accreditation experience.

Samar is a faculty member and before her current position as institutional assessment manager at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) Dubai –UAE, of more 25000 students she was the medical imaging academic program chair.

As a strong advocate of industrial relevancy in higher education, Samar maintains her professional experience as a member of the College of Medical Radiation & Imaging Technologists of Ontario- CANADA (CMRITO). Education : Master’s level – Computerized tomography CSU – Ontario Canada , artificial intelligence for radiographers City University – UK .

Samar contributes to the training courses of the regional International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) programs and is a voting member of National Strategy for Education and Training in Radiation Protection working group and the National Development Committee on Radiation Protection at the federal authority of nuclear regulation ( FANR). She is a reputable speaker and keynote speaker at education and clinical conferences with a long experience as reviewer and chair of high caliber conferences. 

Samar is actively advocating for empowering radiographers and medical imaging specialists around the globe . Her main interest areas are AI in radiography , Radiation safety, Breast imaging, CT, education and assessments. 


Mike Odgren


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Mike has been a radiographer since 1997 and has worked in many different areas of practice throughout his career.  He has earned additional certifications in CT and as a radiologist assistant (both RPA and RRA).  He is a past-president of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and has served in a multitude of volunteer positions for both the ASRT and his state affiliate society, the Colorado Society of Radiologic Technologists.
Mike is an experienced lecturer having given more than 30 presentations on local, state, national and international venues and he enjoys having the opportunity to educate others on medical imaging.  
Currently, Mike is the supervisor of diagnostic imaging at Stormont Vail Health in Topeka, Kansas with over 30 direct reports.  He is also a clinical preceptor for radiography students attending Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.

Bachelor of Science | August, 2013 | Weber State University

•    Major: Advanced Radiologic Science
•    Radiologist Assistant / Radiology Practitioner Assistant
•    magna cum laude (GPA 3.83/4.0)
RPA Program | May, 2005 | Weber State University
•    Radiology Practitioner Assistant
Associate of Science | May, 1997 | Quinsigamond Community College
•    Major: Radiologic Science

•    American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) – Registrant (#318952)
o    Radiologist Assistant -         2017
o    Computed Tomography -     2003
o    Radiography -             1997

•    Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants (CBRPA) – Registrant (#05CO1135)  
o    Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA) - 2005

Loc Tai Van


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Personal information
Name:    Loc, Thai Van
Date of birth:    December 25th 1964
Nationality:    Vietnamese.
Office Address:    Medic Medical Center, 254 Hoa Hao St., District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:    (+84983371798)

-    Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy
Intermediate professional education of Medical imaging technology. Vietnam

-    The University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh 
Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology. Vietnam

-    The Hanoi School of Public Health
Master of Hospital Management . Vietnam

Professional Experiences
1986 -1992    
Department of Radiology, Binh Thuan province General Hospital, Vietnam. 
Responsible for Radiography.

1993 - 1994    
Department of Radiology, 115 General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Responsible for CT and MRI.

1995 - Present    
Department of Radiology, MEDIC Medical center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Responsible for CT and MRI, supervisor.

1995 - Present    
President MEDICEN Company Ltd - Vietnam. (Medical equipment investment: CT, MRI, DR, and DR mobile bus).  

Vice head, Sub - Department of Radiation Oncolology and Nuclear Medicine School of Nursing and Medical Technology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam

2011 - 2019    
President of Ho Chi Minh City, Association of Radiological Technologists  (Southern Vietnam).

2013 - 2018    
Deputy permanent of Vietnam Association of Radiological Technologist.

2018 - 2022    
President of Vietnam Association of Radiological Technologist.

2014 - 2020    
Executive board of Ho Chi Minh City Medical Association


Nontokozo Munodawafa


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+263 779 754 797• 13 Innisfree Rd, Matsheumhlophe, Bulawayo • •


Up coming philanthropist with a special interest in the welfare of children. Reliable, energetic and amicable member of all groups I have been a part of. Experience in poverty alleviation schemes in Bulawayo low income residential areas. Driven to serve by empathetic nature. Skilled in conveying knowledge pertaining to the primary care of patients. Culturally competent. Good bedside manner.


United Bulawayo Hospitals (May 2019-July 2019)

Radiography Intern

(Nursing/Wards Experience) 

• Assist in management of patients in wards

• Administer drugs to patients

• Fine tuning of working in a team with other medical professionals


Gweru Provincial Hospital (Jan 2020 – Feb 2020)

Radiography Intern 

• Running the reception of the department

• Kept records of patients to the department, processed customer images and distributed images.

• Effectively managed well over 50 incoming patients daily. 

• Aqcuisition of images of diagnostic value for all patients 


Harare Central Hospital (May 2021 – June 2021)

Radiography Intern 

• Gained experience in CT imaging

• Exposure to DEXA imaging 

• Experience in mobile radiography 


Chitungwiza Citimed Hospital (Nov 2021)

Radiography Intern 

• Gained experience in DR imaging

• Exposure to new procedures in CT imaging


Harare Central Hospital (Dec 2021)

Radiography Intern 

• Experience in night call duties

• Introduction to Ultrasound imaging 


Mutare Provincial (Jan 2022 - Feb 2022)

Radiography Intern 

• Direct involvement in improvements in departmental protocol

• designing the department’s “Kiddies Corner”

• Experience in stock taking, machine maintenance and facilitating check ups


Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals (Mar 2022-Apr 2022)

Radiography Intern 

• Exposure to theatre imaging 

• Experience in imaging with the Fetal Medicine Unit

• Further experience with night call duty 


Baines Imaging Group (Jul 2022-Aug 2022)

Radiography Intern 

• Experience in MRI imaging.

• Gained competence in RadSpa and MedSynapse PACS interfaces

• Further experience with CT imaging


United Bulawayo Hospitals ( Aug 2022 – Oct 2022)

Radiography Intern

• Experience in ultrasound imaging

• Experience in triaging patients due to limited resources



Bachelor of Science – Diagnostic Radiography – National University Science & Technology, Bulawayo

Expected Graduation - Nov 2022



• Mastery of Digital  and Computed Radiography

• Excellent communication skills with a focus on team-building and client relations.

• Outstanding organizational, multitasking, and problem-solving abilities.


Do It For The Kids - Non-Profit Organization

Dec 2018 - PRESENT

• Volunteer litter picker at the Bulawayo City Hall

• Visits to Mustard Seed Communities to spend time teaching the children english through educational games

• Monthly meal serving to over 450 families in targeted areas in the city

N/A – Gap Year Project

March 2017

• Made and brought decorations to the Gweru Provincial Hospital’s Surgical and Medical Wards 

pictures enclosed

Stitches Foundation - Non-Profit Organization

March 2020 - PRESENT

• founder

• organised virtual run fundraiser (Gear Up Gweru) 

• proceeds directed towards acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE) for healthcare workers at Gweru Provincial Hospital


• Student Radiographer’s Association of Zimbabwe (August 2019 – present) 

2020-2021 : secretary 

2021-2022 : president


• English: native language

• Ndebele: native language

• Shona: native language

• French: basic (writing, speaking, reading)