Tobacco-Free profession

ISRRT Advocacy and Education Tobacco Free Campaign for Radiography Schools Globally

As an official partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the ISRRT is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the WHO in supporting the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).
The WHO FCTC was formed to affirm the right of all people to the highest standards of health with a strategy aimed at reduction in both the demand for and supply of tobacco across the globe.

The ISRRT believes, as a global stakeholder, that we have a responsibility to lead in a campaign promoting and advocating wholesome health behaviours and lifestyles within the radiography profession.

ISRRT has therefore embarked on a three-year campaign program specifically designed to advocate and educate radiography students and the radiography profession in schools of radiography and medical imaging and radiation sciences around the world to reduce the impact of tobacco amongst the medical radiation imaging and therapy profession. ISRRT’s aim is to contribute to the movement to create a tobacco-free profession for the benefit of all.


(ISRRT) Tobacco Free Campaign


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