Travel Support Fund Flow

ISRRT Travel Support Fund
The ISRRT Travel Support Fund was started in 2012 and was created by ISRRT using ISRRT resources and donations from ISRRT Member organisations.
This fund was established to assist Radiographers and Radiological Technologists from low and middle-income countries to participate in an ISRRT World Congress.
Awards are made every two years to enable delegates to attend the ISRRT World Congress held that year.
There are a limited number of places available and will only be offered to those radiographers who have a strong commitment to the profession, who are members of a paid up ISRRT member country organisation or an associate member of the ISRRT.
There must be evidence that you will be presenting an oral or poster presentation at the Congress and that you will share the knowledge gained with your profession once you have returned to your own country.
Awards Committee uses the following Criteria to judge by:
 1. Membership of the ISRRT Council, representing a society that is up-to-date in its dues payment.
  2. Level of leadership role in the professional society.
3. Submission of an abstract of an oral or poster presentation that will be provided at the Congress. Increased weight will be given to those making oral presentations.
 4. A written proposal (about 250 words) of how the applicant will share the information learned at the Congress and how it will strengthen the society and the profession of medical radiation technology.
 5. A commitment by the applicant to provide a brief report (about 1000 words), following the Congress, which explains how they shared the information they learned at the Congress.

   Appendix 1 Announcment of Travel support World Congress