Five safety publications, three publications related to radiotherapy and two books reviewing the status of nuclear energy worldwide were the most sought after IAEA publications in the first half of 2017.

The report the Director-General on the Fukushima Daiichi accident was the most popular publication during the period, with 7961 downloads, followed by the 2016–2017 edition of Nuclear Power which was viewed 6180 times. Two radiotherapy publications followed: Accuracy requirements and uncertainties in Radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology physics (See below for the full list.)

The bestseller list shows that our readers are interested in publications on a wide range of subjects,” said Nicola Gulley, Head of the IAEA’s Publishing Section.

The IAEA’s scientific and technical publications range from books to serial publications and technical documents. Around 100 titles are published each year. Many of these are available in official languages other than English and in the first half of the year, 26 scientific and technical publications were translated to Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish, as part of the IAEA’s commitment to providing multilingual access.

All of the publications can be accessed and downloaded from the IAEA website